Brazilian Army Nurses’ Uniforms: Visual Identity in World War II

Research Paper Title

The Brazilian Army nurses’ uniforms: visual identity in World War II.


To analyse the symbolic effects of the official military uniform of the nurses from the Brazilian Army in World War II.


This research was developed using the historical method, with iconographic sources. The data were discussed based on the concepts of the social world theory, by Pierre Bourdieu.


The images selected demonstrate the own meaning of the uniforms, evidencing the functions and the social position of those who wear it, being private and obligatory to use it in the military field.


In the case of the nurses from the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, the appropriation of uniforms promoted the visual communication representing military nurse in the context of war, at the same time it served for distinction purposes in the army, but not necessarily in the nursing field.

Symbolically, they remained amongst the walls of the barracks even after the end of the war and, thus, they remained unknown and marked by the symbols of forgetfulness.


Bernardes, M.M.R., Oliveira, A.B., Kaminitz, S., Gomes, A.M., Marques, S.C. & Porto, F.R. (2019) The Brazilian Army nurses’ uniforms: visual identity in World War II. Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem. 72(1), pp.111-117. doi: 10.1590/0034-7167-2018-0414. Article in Portuguese and English.


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