Can Off-Duty Reservists Use Regular Army Base Facilities?


An Army Reservist works across the road from a very large Regular Army base, which has a NAAFI and dining facility.

Can the Reservist enter the base using their MOD 90 (identification card) and eat there while not on duty?

MOD 90

An MOD 90 is issued to the individual as a member of the Reserve Forces and is solely for use when employed by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and subject to Service Law.

Whilst off-duty, an individual is not employed by the MOD and would therefore have no valid reason for being on MOD property.

Access the NAAFI and dining facility when off-duty does not fall within the terms and conditions of services (TACOS).

Pay As You Dine (PAYD)

PAYD locations are subsidised by the MOD for entitled personnel.

As a Reservist, the individual is entitled to access to these locations while on duty.

A non-entitled rate to PAYD does exist, but only for those who have a right to be on MOD property.

While off-duty a Reservist has no right to enter MOD property, therefore access to these facilities is not permitted.


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