HGH & Peptides – Safe & Effective Workout Wonders?

Supplements are part and parcel of anyone seeking to max their exercise gains, but the science surrounding certain elements sometimes remain in flux. In the case of human growth hormone (HGH) and peptides, the science seems to become clearer, with the New York Times noting the prevalence of HGH in those who exercise regularly and the benefits it can have on even unborn babies.

Like anything, finding the right balance of HGH is crucial to staying healthy and maximising your gains.

The Science

At a basic level, HGH is a stimulant of tissue growth in the body, as outlined by Harvard Health Publishing.

Peptides, which are simply small proteins, are linked to HGH as they are a stimulant for the growth and dispersal of HGH throughout the body. Some peptides are more effective than others; one variant, CJC-1295, will effectively increase the production of HGH and help to maintain those levels at recovery-critical times, as noted by Dr Nina Bausek, a scientific researcher in the field.

Effectively, HGH is a building block for all growth in the body, and peptides are the trigger to help more peptides grow.

Known Effectiveness

HGH and peptides work in theory, but it is their proven impact on exercise that is most important – and exciting.

A 2015 study published by the British Journal of Nutrition found that the use of supplemental proteins – peptides – had a significant effect on increasing muscle mass and aiding strength, even in elderly subjects.

What this should tell you is that exercise enthusiasts of all ages can benefit from peptide supplementation in a controlled fashion in order to create an actual improvement in muscle mass.

Safety Considerations

HGH and peptides are, all in all, a good benefit for your body. That being said, it is crucial that you ensure you are dosing correctly and at the right times of day. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the risks surrounding certain supplements.

As The Guardian, a newspaper, rightly points out, some supplements are banned for use in competition; furthermore, there are inherent risks with the administration and overuse of them. If in doubt, speak to an expert.

HGH is an important natural substance, and peptides help to give it that extra nudge in production terms. Play safe with protein supplements, and you will find that you make larger gains than ever before. The key is in that level of safety – be careful and judicious with how you dose.


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