Household Division & Parachute Regiment Centralised Courses

The following is a list of Household Division and Parachute Regiment Centralised Courses (HDPRCC) (as at April 2019):

Infantry Potential Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO) Course6 Weeks
Pre-Section Commanders’ Battle Course (SCBC) and Pre-Platoon Sergeants’ Battle Course (PSBC)2 Weeks
Sniper Pre-Course2 Weeks
Sniper Operators’ Course (SOC)11 Weeks
Sniper Re-Test Week1 Week
Sniper Concentration Competition4 Weeks
Pre-Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) Instructors’ Cadre2 Weeks
Pre-RMAS Instructors’ Cadre Physical Training1 Week


FOI 2019/03195 dated 10 April 2019.


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