Leaving the Services Report (2007)

“The Ministry of Defence (the Department) needs to recruit around 20,000 men and women each year to the Armed Forces.

The Department draws its workforce from a broad section of society including from areas of high unemployment and people with few qualifications.

Recruits are required to adapt to military life and ethos and, where it is essential, give up a few of the freedoms they enjoyed as civilians. In order to equip personnel with the necessary skills and attitudes for the full spectrum of military operations including war fighting, the Services instil a culture of discipline; reliance on others; and acceptance of orders.

Although Armed Forces personnel can have a long, fulfilling career, the majority of them will leave the Armed Forces at least 25 years before the current national retirement age and will need and wish to pursue a full second career.” (NAO, 2007, p.4).

The National Audit Office (NAO) scrutinises public spending on behalf of Parliament.

The NAO’s 2007 report recognises problems associated with transition, especially in those who serve for a shorter time, that are still prevalent in 2019.

Read the full report.


NAO (National Audit Office). (2007) Leaving the Services. Available from World Wide Web: https://www.nao.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/0607618.pdf. [Accessed: 29 June, 2018].


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