England is…

“We recognize England as a beautiful, gentle, and righteous country. England is a country that we have admired since we were children. England’s unique culture has often turned the world into an exciting place. It has always been at the center of world’s history of war. The people of England dearly love their country and we believe that they are spiritually strong. The authority of the Royal Family and its long history deserve respect. England and her people are envied by the citizens of countless other nations. Contributing greatly to the positive esteem in which it is held around the globe, England is considered a place of freedom and self-expression. That is England.” (Kim, 2010, p.178).


Kim, Y-K. & Miok, D.P. (Trans) (2010) The Future: A Road to Unification of the Korean Peninsula. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse.


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