Royal Marines PTI & the USMC’s OCS

Since 1972, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and the Royal Marines have participated in an exchange programme (Bock, 2016).

The Royal Marines send a Colour Sergeant (OR-7 or E-8 in the USMC) to act as the physical training advisor to the commanding officer of the USMC Officer Candidates School (OCS) (Kuiper, n.d.). The post-holder works directly with the commanding officer to decide the most effective and safest way for OCS students to train and oversees personnel acting as PTI’s.

In return, the USMC sends an infantry-trained gunnery sergeant (OR-7 or E-7) to be the adviser to one of the Royal Marines platoon commanders and helps to administrate one of the platoons of enlisted recruits going through the CTCRM.

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