A Physical Fitness Programme to Enhance Aircrew G Tolerance


A physical fitness programme of resistance training, such as weight lifting, directed toward increasing strength and anaerobic capacity will increase C-duration tolerance.

This tolerance increase is particularly useful for USAF/USN pilots flying high-performance fighters during aerial combat manoeuvres.

A weight training program including exercise equipment to be used by aviators to increase (and maintain this increase) their strength and anaerobic capacity is described.

Aerobics conditioning with precautions and limitations for G tolerance is discussed. Figures show recommended weight-training exercises.

This special report is a combined U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy effort that came from A 1987 Joint-Service C-Tolerance Conference that was hosted by the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, NAS, Pensacola, Florida.

You can read the full report:


United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine. (1988) Physical Fitness to Enhance Aircrew G Tolerance. Pensacola, Florida: USAF School of Aerospace Medicine.


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