What is the International Guns, Missiles & Rockets (IGMR) Team?

The International Guns, Missiles and Rockets (IGMR) Project Team, part of the Weapons Operating Centre, based at Abbey
Wood procures and supports a wide range of weapons – including manportable shoulder-launched weapons for the Army, Royal Navy guns including Close-In Weapon Systems, air-launched missiles, rockets and bombs, and fixed and rotary wing guns for JHC and the RAF.

The IGMR Team comprises 100 staff based at DE&S Abbey Wood, Bristol and is responsible for the following projects:

  • Anti-Structures Munition (ASM) for the Army.
  • Javelin Missile for the Army.
  • Exactor 2 for the Army.
  • Next Generation Light Anti-Armour Weapon (NLAW) for the Army.
  • 20/30mm Cannons and Automated Small Calibre Gun for the Royal Navy.
  • Force Protection Measures for the Royal Navy.
  • General Purpose Machine Gun mountings for the Royal Navy.
  • 4.5” Mk8 Gun for the Royal Navy.
  • Gun Fire Control Systems for the Royal Navy.
  • Phalanx (20mm) Close-In Weapon Systems for the Royal Navy.
  • Hellfire Missile for JHC.
  • Rotary-wing Guns and Rockets for JHC.
  • Mauser Cannon for the RAF.
  • M3M and M134 for JHC.
  • Paveway Bombs for the RAF.
  • Bomb Fuses for the RAF.
  • Practice Bomb for the RAF.
  • Miniguns for the Royal Navy and RAF.
  • Laser Sighting Systems for the Royal Navy.
  • Killer Tomato Targets for the Royal Navy.
  • Electro-Optic Systems for the Royal Navy.
  • Ceremonial Guns for the Royal Navy.


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