What is the Torpedoes, Tomahawk & Harpoon (TTH) Team?

The Torpedoes, Tomahawk and Harpoon (TTH) Project Team, part of the Weapons Operating Centre, is responsible for the acquisition and support of the UK’s Spearfish heavyweight and Sting Ray lightweight torpedoes as well as the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) and Harpoon missile and their respective weapons systems.

This spans all activities including development, manufacture, in-service support, inventory management and disposal. Spearfish provides the Royal Navy’s frontline anti-submarine and anti-surface capability; Sting Ray is deployed from Type 23 Frigates and Merlin and Lynx helicopters; TLAM is carried on Trafalgar and Astute Class SSNs; and the Harpoon missile is carried on Type 23 and 45 Frigates.

It should be noted that purchase of missiles for both TLAM and Harpoon is through Foreign Military Sales cases with the USA Government.

The Project Team is currently responsible for the following projects:

  • Spearfish;
  • Sting Ray;
  • TLAM;
  • Harpoon and Maritime Patrol Aircraft weapons – the Mk54 lightweight Torpedo and Air-Launched Harpoon missile.


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