What Training is Provided to UK Reaper Aircrew by US Personnel?

Initial training to qualify personnel to fly Reaper is provided to UK Reaper pilots by US personnel at Holloman Air Force Base:

  • The Ground school element covers aircraft systems, engine, communications links, weapons and aircraft limits.
  • The Live Firing and Simulation element covers operation of the aircraft, general handling, emergency handling, basic tactics, basic mission sets and weapons employment.
  • Launch and Recovery training covering all aspects of launching and landing the Reaper is provided at Creech Air Force Base by both US and UK trainers.

US delivered training for Reaper aircrew is limited to Holloman and Creech Air Force Bases.

No Reaper training is provided by US personnel to UK non-aircrew personnel. However, UK personnel embedded with the US at Creech and Holloman as instructors undergo a US instructors course. These courses take place at Holloman and Creech Air Force Bases.

Useful Links

  • Holloman Air Force Base: Is a US Air Force base located six miles southwest of the central business district of Alamogordo, and a census-designated place in Otero County, New Mexico, US.
  • Creech Air Force Base: Is a US Air Force command and control facility in Clark County, Nevada used “to engage in daily Overseas Contingency Operations …of remotely piloted aircraft systems which fly missions across the globe.”


FOI 2015/07056 dated 09 September 2015.


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