‘Range Stew’: One of the British Army’s Best Known Secrets!

“The Band were somewhat buoyed by the provision of ‘range stew’. Range stew is a delicacy provided primarily by Military chefs in a large thermos flask, known as a Norwegian. The contents of the stew are a closely guarded secret and it is widely believed that to give any stew a name might constrain the chef to such an extent as to render its production worthless. On this occasion the range stew very clearly resembled a curry!” (Dunphy, 2012).

I remember the days.


Dunphy, D. (2012) From Music to Military Training Test (MATTs). Available from World Wide Web: https://britisharmy.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/from-music-to-military-training-tests-matts/. [Accessed: 06 February, 2018].


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