Boot Camp and Your Arches


You are most likely at a time in your life when big changes are happening or are about to happen. So you have signed up for a branch of the armed forces and it is time to prepare for boot camp. Hopefully, your recruiter will have given you a list to help inform you of what types of things are and are not permitted to bring with you, it will also be important to know what you will need and what will be issued to you or provided for you where you are going. Considering the amount of time you are going to be on your feet one thing that is often recommended, especially for people who have high arches or previous foot injuries, is arch supporting shoe insoles.

Boot Camp

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When you arrive at most boot camps you will go through a check-in system. This is where you will be processed in and begin to become a member of the branch that you chose. Arrival is also the time where you will be issued your clothes and physical training (PT) gear. At some boot camps, you will be issued running shoes, at others, you will need to bring a pair of your own. Be sure that you research the boot camp you will be attending and find out what they will be issuing you and what you will be responsible for bringing with you.

Prepare Yourself

Physical training is a giant part of boot camp, so you will want to provide yourself with all of the extra comforts you can. You will more often than not be pushing your body to its limits mentally and physically. Prepare yourself for some abrupt wake-ups in the wee hours of the morning, physical training can last all day some days, from around four in the morning until nine at night. At boot camp, your days will feel longer and the nights shorter than what you are probably used to.

Problems in Your Feet

One of the last things that you are going to want to deal with during boot camp is any kind of problem with your feet. While you are at boot camp you are going to be sore enough from all the physical training you will have to endure each day, so any added pain is something you will want to avoid. Running and activities that keep you on your feet are common at boot camp so you might want to bring some shoe insoles with you. Having quality foot arch support aids can help prevent you from having to deal with things like plantar fasciitis and other painful injuries to your feet. Proper support for your feet could even help reduce things like back pain by keeping your body in correct alignment.

Something that you may try to do when you get the chance is to do some foot stretches, this can aid in any irritation you may already have on your feet and possibly help prevent further inflammation. During boot camp, your feet will most likely have a rough time almost every time you participate in physical training, which will commonly be every single day. So take care of your feet as best you can so that they can return the favor.

In the End…

When you are there, going through the more difficult aspect of training try to remind yourself why you are there. Boot camp is usually meant to aid in molding you into a soldier, and a better version of yourself. It is not always a pretty process, or a pleasant one but the outcome is worth it the majority of the time. In all likelihood your goal is to finish boot camp and become a full-fledged member of the military, so trust the process and don’t fight it. Remember that boot camp is only a set amount of time, and the reward for finishing is priceless. Completing boot camp is an accomplishment and once you do that, your opportunities are boundless.


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