Government Leadership: Retired Military Officers versus Lawyers, Scientists, Activists & Professional Politicians

So, this article was published on Linkedin on 08 December but I have only just read it. Written by Bob Ulin, Transition & Executive Coach, and Chairman & CEO, Center for Transitional Leadership, Inc.

“A recent article in POLITICO noted “(General) Kelly’s military background raises interesting questions for his leadership of the department, said one former DHS official. Kelly joins a bevy of other military officials as picks for jobs in the incoming administration, from retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser to retired Gen. Jim Mattis as Defense secretary.”

Indeed, it raises interesting questions for us to think about. Why does a community organizer without real experience become President of the United States and appoint lawyers, scientists, activists, and professional politicians to become heads of federal departments, bureaus and agencies and not be criticized about their competence? Why does an experienced business professional get elected President and face criticism for hiring retired military officers who have managed complex operations and led large formations of diverse personnel in life and death situations? Think about the contrast of leadership at the top of government.”

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