Comparing Professional Military Education in the 1970s: The US, UK & Germany

Language Training at Fort Bragg
Language Training at Fort Bragg

An article by Lieutenant Colonel William Bruenner (writing in the Air University Review, March-April 1971) comparing the US, UK and German professional military education systems in the early 1970s.

In view of the increased interest in professional military education in the United States Air Force, occasioned partly by the recent augmentation of attendance quotas, a comparative examination of some of its basic educational objectives and methods may be useful. Although the additional quotas do not reflect normal peacetime conditions, they indicate a considerable improvement over the school years between 1967 and 1970, when personnel requirements for Southeast Asia (SEA) reduced USAF active duty officer inputs to professional military education (PME) to 30 percent of the normal quotas. However, for the sake of validity, it will be assumed that the USAF professional military education schools are operating at peacetime levels, so as to be able to compare them with like institutions in Germany and Britain.


A Comparison of Professional Military Educational Systems (Breunner, 1971)


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