What is the Treaty of Lisbon (1864)?

The Treaty of Lisbon is a treaty on the borders of Spain and Portugal from the mouth of the Minho River to the junction of the Caia River with the Guadiana River. Signed in Lisbon on 29 September 1864, it abolished the Couto Misto microstate. The final act of approving annexes to the treaty was… Read More


What was the Couto Misto Microstate?

Introduction Couto Misto (Portuguese: Couto Misto [ˈko(w)tu ˈmiʃtu]; Galician: Couto Mixto; Spanish: Coto Mixto) was an independent microstate on the border between Spain and Portugal. Background It was composed of the villages of Santiago de Rubiás, Rubiás (now in the Spanish municipality of Calvos de Randín), and Meaus (now in the Spanish municipality of Baltar),… Read More