What was Tragic Week (Spain) (1909)?

Introduction Tragic Week (in Catalan la Setmana Tràgica, in Spanish la Semana Trágica) (25 July 1909 to 02 August 1909) was a series of violent confrontations between the Spanish army and anarchists, socialists and republicans of Barcelona and other cities in Catalonia, Spain, during the last week of July 1909. It was caused by the… Read More


What was the Second Rif War (1909)?

Introduction The Second Rif War or Second Melillan campaign (Spanish: Campaña or Guerra de Melilla ) was a conflict in 1909 in Morocco around Melilla. The fighting involved local Riffians and the Spanish Army. Background The Treaty of Peace with Morocco that followed the 1859-1860 War entailed the acquisition of a new city perimeter for Melilla,… Read More