What was the Battle of Crimissus (339 BC)?

Introduction The Battle of the Crimissus (also spelled Crimisus and Crimesus) was fought in 339 BC between a large Carthaginian army commanded by Asdrubal and Hamilcar and an army from Syracuse led by Timoleon. Timoleon attacked the Carthaginian army by surprise near the Crimissus river in western Sicily (originally it was thought that it was… Read More


What were the Sicilian Wars (580-265 BC)?

Introduction The Sicilian Wars, or Greco-Punic Wars, were a series of conflicts fought between Ancient Carthage and the Greek city-states led by Syracuse, Sicily, over control of Sicily and the western Mediterranean between 580 to 265 BC. Carthage’s economic success and its dependence on seaborne trade led to the creation of a powerful navy to… Read More