What is a Royal Entry?

Introduction The Royal Entry, also known by various names, including Triumphal Entry, Joyous Entry, consisted of the ceremonies and festivities accompanying a formal entry by a ruler or his representative into a city in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period in Europe. The entry centred on a procession carrying the entering prince into the… Read More


What is a Profectio?

Introduction The profectio (“setting forth”) was the ceremonial departure of a consul in his guise as a general in Republican Rome, and of an emperor during the Imperial era. It was a conventional scene for relief sculpture and imperial coinage. The return was the reditus and the ceremonial re-entry the adventus.

What is a an Adventus?

Introduction The adventus was a ceremony in ancient Rome, in which an emperor was formally welcomed into a city either during a progress or after a military campaign, often (but not always) Rome. The term is also used to refer to artistic depictions (usually in relief sculpture, including coins) of such ceremonies. Its ‘opposite’ is… Read More