What was the Battle of Civetot (1096)?

Introduction The Battle of Civetot in 1096 brought an end to the People’s Crusade, which was a poorly-armed movement of lower-class pilgrims of the First Crusade (1096-1099), but, distinct from the subsequent and much more well-known Princes’ Crusade. Background After the disastrous defeat for the Crusaders in the Siege of Xerigordos, two Turkish spies spread… Read More


What were the Popular Crusades?

Introduction The popular crusades were several movements “animated by crusading enthusiasm” but unsanctioned by the Church. Background They contrast with the “official crusades” authorised by the Papacy. While the latter consisted of professional armies led by apostolic legates, the popular crusades were generally disorganised and consisted of peasants, artisans and only the occasional knight. The… Read More

What was the People’s Crusade (1096)?

Introduction The People’s Crusade was the first, largest, and most well-documented of the popular crusades. It lasted roughly six months from April to October 1096, and is categorised either as a prelude to the First Crusade, or, as a distinct part of the First Crusade to be distinguished from the “Princes’ Crusade” which was much… Read More