What is the Marshal of the Russian Federation?

Introduction Marshal of the Russian Federation (Russian: Маршал Российской Федерации, tr. Marshal Rossiyskoy Federatsii) is the highest military rank of Russia, created in 1993 following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Background It ranks immediately above Army general and Admiral of the fleet (also called Fleet Admiral in some English-language texts), and is considered the… Read More


What was the Marshal of the Soviet Union?

Introduction Marshal of the Soviet Union (Russian: Маршал Советского Союза, pronounced [ˈmarʂəl sɐˈvʲetskəvə sɐˈjuzə]) was the highest military rank of the Soviet Union. The rank of Marshal of the Soviet Union was created in 1935 and abolished in 1991. Forty-one people held this rank. The equivalent naval rank was until 1955 admiral of the fleet… Read More