Treadmill Running & Lymphocyte Expression

Research Paper Title The Effects of Intensive, Moderate and Downhill Treadmill Running on Human Blood Lymphocytes Expressing the Adhesion/Activation Molecules CD54 (ICAM-1), CD18 (β2 integrin) and CD53. Background This study examined the effects of intensive, moderate and downhill treadmill running on blood lymphocyte expression of adhesion/activation (AA) molecules. Methods Trained subjects completed three treadmill-running protocols… Read More


High-intensity Exercise & T Lymphocytes

Research Paper Title High-intensity Exercise Elicits the Mobilization of Senescent T Lymphocytes into the Peripheral Blood Compartment in Human Subjects. Background Clonal expansion of T lymphocytes in response to antigenic stimulation is a fundamental process of adaptive immunity. As a consequence of clonal expansion, some T lymphocytes acquire a senescent phenotype, fail to replicate in… Read More