What is a Naik?

Introduction Naik (Nk; sometimes historically spelled nayak) is an Indian Army, Pakistan Army and Bangladesh Police rank equivalent to corporal. Background In Tamil, the word naik was used to indicate a lord or governor prior to its use as an equivalent to corporal in British India. The rank was previously used in the British Indian… Read More


What is a Lance Daffadar?

Introduction Lance daffadar is the equivalent rank to corporal in Pakistan, Indian and British Indian Army cavalry units, ranking between acting lance daffadar and daffadar. In other units the equivalent is naik. Like a British corporal, a lance daffadar wears two rank chevrons. Background Acting lance daffadar is the equivalent rank to lance corporal in… Read More

What is a Daffadar?

Introduction Daffadar (Hindustani: दफ़ादार (Devanagari) ; دفعدار (Nastaliq)) is the equivalent rank to sergeant in the Indian and Pakistani cavalry, as it was formerly in the British Indian Army. The rank below is lance daffadar. The equivalent in infantry and other units is havildar. Like a British sergeant, a daffadar wears three rank chevrons. Background… Read More