What was Operation Claret (1964-1966)?

Introduction Claret was the code name given to operations conducted from about July 1964 until July 1966 from East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah) across the border in Indonesian Kalimantan during the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation (1963-1966). They were instigated by the Director of Borneo Operations (DOBOPS) Major General Walter Walker with the agreement of the British and… Read More


What was the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation (1963-1966)?

Introduction The Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation or Borneo confrontation (also known by its Indonesian/Malay name, Konfrontasi) was a violent conflict from 20 January 1963 to 11 August 1966 that stemmed from Indonesia’s opposition to the creation of Malaysia. The creation of Malaysia was the amalgamation of the Federation of Malaya (now Peninsular Malaysia), Singapore and the crown… Read More