What was the Military Academy Incident (1934)?

Introduction The Military Academy incident (士官学校事件, Shikan Gakko Jiken), also known as the November incident (十一月事件, Juichigatsu Jiken) was an attempted coup d’état that took place in Japan in November 1934. It was one of a sequence of similar conspiracies for a “Shōwa Restoration” led by radical elements with the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). Refer… Read More


What was the October Incident (1931)?

Introduction The October incident (十月事件, Jūgatsu Jiken), also known as the Imperial Colours incident (錦旗革命事件, Kinki Kakumei Jiken), was an abortive coup d’état attempt in Japan on 21 October 1931, launched by the Sakurakai secret society within the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), aided by civilian ultranationalist groups. Refer to March Incident (1931), October Incident (1931),… Read More