Who was Jan Zizka?

Introduction Jan Žižka z Trocnova a Kalicha (English: John Zizka of Trocnov and the Chalice; c. 1360 to 11 October 1424) was a Czech general – a contemporary and follower of Jan Hus and a Radical Hussite who led the Taborites. Žižka was a successful military leader and is now a Czech national hero. He… Read More


What were the Hussite Wars (1419-1434)?

Introduction The Hussite Wars, also called the Bohemian Wars or the Hussite Revolution, were a series of wars fought between the Christian Hussites and the combined Christian Catholic forces of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, the Papacy, European monarchs loyal to the Catholic Church, as well as various Hussite factions. After initial clashes, the Utraquists changed… Read More

What was the Polish-Teutonic War (1431-1435)?

Introduction The Polish-Teutonic War (1431 to 1435) was an armed conflict between the Kingdom of Poland and the Teutonic Knights. It ended with the Peace of Brześć Kujawski and is considered a victory for Poland. Background Refer to Lithuanian Civil War (1431 to 1435). The war broke out after Teutonic Grand Master Paul von Rusdorf… Read More

What was the Lithuanian Civil War (1432-1438)?

Introduction The Lithuanian Civil War of 1432 to 1438 was a conflict over the succession to the throne of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, after Vytautas the Great died in 1430 without leaving an heir. The war was fought on the one side by Švitrigaila, allied with the Teutonic Knights, and on the other by… Read More