What is the Special Projects Multi-Air Platform Team?

Special Projects Multi-Air Platform Project Team (SPMAP PT), part of the Helicopters Operating Centre, faces the unique challenge of managing the largest number of aircraft types of any DE&S project team. It has responsibility for delivering and supporting a variety of rotary wing platforms that are used in roles such as transportation, search and rescue, and training. The total supported fleet… Read More


What is the Apache Project Team?

The Apache Project Team, part of the Helicopters Operating Centre, has delivered all 67 UK Apache Attack Helicopters to the Front Line Customer – Joint Helicopter Command. The Project Team is responsible for sustaining the capability of the Apache helicopter fleet through life by the provision of logistic support, maintenance and project delivery. The Prime Contractor for Apache Mk1… Read More

What is the Puma 2 Gazelle Team?

The Puma 2 Gazelle (P2G PT) team, part of the Helicopters Operating Centre, provides operational and in-service support to the Puma and Gazelle helicopter fleets, including the function of Engineering Authority and the management of Logistic and Maintenance support to both fleets operated by Joint Helicopter Command (JHC). Responsibilities include repair and overhaul, spares, technical engineering support such… Read More

What is the Lynx-Wildcat Team?

The Lynx-Wildcat Project Team exists to support the Army Battlefield Reconnaissance and Navy Maritime Attack helicopter capability now and in the future. It is part of the DE&S Helicopters Operating Centre and is responsible for the support of the Lynx Mk9A, Wildcat AH Mk1 and Wildcat HMA Mk2 helicopters until their respective out of service dates. Reference Doing Business… Read More