What is the Special Projects Multi-Air Platform Team?

Special Projects Multi-Air Platform Project Team (SPMAP PT), part of the Helicopters Operating Centre, faces the unique challenge of managing the largest number of aircraft types of any DE&S project team.

It has responsibility for delivering and supporting a variety of rotary wing platforms that are used in roles such as transportation, search and rescue, and training. The total supported fleet size is some 63 aircraft, across nine different types.

The Project Team’s expertise is anchored within the delivery, support and assurance of aviation ‘service’ based contracts. These can either be wholly civil (Falkland Islands Search and Rescue) or wholly military; in either case there is a cadre of functional specialists providing safety, engineering, finance, commercial and project management support.

Due to the nature of this varied portfolio, the level of activity and support varies between the different customers, therefore their outputs to customers are agreed and described in business agreements and Command Acquisition Support Plans (CASP17) which are in place with Air Command, Joint Helicopter Command (JHC), Joint Forces Command (JFC) and Navy Command (NCHQ).

In addition, the team delivers new capability to their customers both as modifications to current platforms and by delivering new solutions to existing and future requirements. The team is currently working on delivering a number of new ‘service’ based projects.


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