Who was Max Wolff Filho (Brazilian Army)?

Introduction Max Wolff Filho (29 July 1912 to 12 April 1945) was a Brazilian Army sergeant, a member of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force who fought in Italy in World War II. Biography Max Wolff was born in Rio Negro, Paraná, Brazil. He enlisted in 1930 in the city of Curitiba, joining the 15th Hunters Battalion.… Read More


Who was Elza Medeiros?

Introduction Elza Cansanção Medeiros, popularly known as Major Elza (21 October 1921 to 08 December 2009), was a Brazilian Army officer and World War II veteran. She was the highest-ranking female officer in the Brazilian Army with the rank of Major, having deployed to Italy during the war along with the Brazilian Expeditionary Force as… Read More

What was the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (1942-1945)?

Introduction The Brazilian Expeditionary Force (Portuguese: Força Expedicionária Brasileira, FEB), nicknamed Cobras Fumantes (literally “the Smoking Snakes”), was a military division of the Brazilian Army and Air Force that fought with Allied forces in the Mediterranean Theatre of World War II. It numbered around 51,600 men, including a full infantry division, liaison flight, and fighter… Read More