What was the Salem Gunpowder Raid (1775)?

Introduction The Salem Gunpowder Raid (also known as Leslie’s Retreat) refers to a standoff between the British military and colonists in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, which was ended by a compromise agreement. Refer to the Sarah Tarrant, Powder Alarm (1774), the Capture of Fort William and Mary (1774), and the American War of Independence… Read More


What was the Capture of Fort William and Mary (1774)?

Introduction The Capture of Fort William and Mary took place in New Hampshire on 14 December 1774, when local Patriots from the Portsmouth area, led by John Langdon, stormed Fort William and Mary (overcoming a six-man caretaker detachment) and seized the garrison’s powder, which was distributed through several towns in the colony for potential use… Read More

What was the Powder Alarm (1774)?

Introduction The Powder Alarm was a major popular reaction to the removal of gunpowder from a magazine by British soldiers under orders from General Thomas Gage, royal governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, on 01 September 1774. In response to this action, amid rumours that blood had been shed, alarm spread through the countryside… Read More