What was the Bombardment of Valparaiso (1866)?

Introduction The Bombardment of Valparaíso on 31 March 1866 took place during the Chincha Islands War (1865 to 1866), when a Spanish fleet shelled, burned and destroyed the undefended port of Valparaíso. Background After the humiliating defeat at the Battle of Papudo (1865) and the indecisive Battle of Abtao (1866), Rear Admiral Casto Méndez Núñez… Read More


What was the Chincha Islands War (1865-1866)?

Introduction The Chincha Islands War, also known as Spanish-South American War (Spanish: Guerra hispano-sudamericana), was a series of coastal and naval battles between Spain and its former colonies of Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia from 1865 to 1866. The conflict began with Spain’s seizure of the guano-rich Chincha Islands in one of a series of… Read More