What is a Green-Water Navy?

Introduction A green-water navy is a maritime force that is capable of operating in its nation’s littoral zones and has the competency to operate in the open oceans of its surrounding region. It is a relatively new term, and has been created to better distinguish, and add nuance, between two long-standing descriptors: blue-water navy (deep… Read More


What is a Brown-Water Navy?

Introduction The term brown-water navy or riverine navy refers in its broadest sense to any naval force capable of military operations in river, lake or littoral environments, especially those carrying heavy sediment loads from soil runoff or flooding. The term originated in the United States Navy during the American Civil War, when it referred to… Read More

What is a Blue-Water Navy?

Introduction A blue-water navy is a maritime force capable of operating globally, essentially across the deep waters of open oceans. While definitions of what actually constitutes such a force vary, there is a requirement for the ability to exercise sea control at wide ranges. The term “blue-water navy” is a maritime geographical term in contrast… Read More