What was the Battle of Moel-y-don (1282)?

Introduction The Battle of Moel-y-don was a battle fought in 1282 war during the conquest of Wales by Edward I. Also known as the Battle of the Bridge of Boats, it is now considered unlikely the battle site was near Moel-y-Don, but farther north. Background After stripping much Welsh land from Llywelyn ap Gruffudd in… Read More


What was the Conquest of Wales by Edward I of England (1277-1283)?

Introduction The conquest of Wales by Edward I, sometimes referred to as the Edwardian Conquest of Wales, to distinguish it from the earlier (but partial) Norman conquest of Wales, took place between 1277 and 1283. It resulted in the defeat and annexation of the Principality of Wales, and the other last remaining independent Welsh principalities,… Read More