What was the Battle of Zlatitsa (1443)?

Introduction The Battle of Zlatitsa was fought on 12 December 1443 between the Ottoman Empire and Serbian Hungarian troops in the Balkans. The battle was fought at Zlatitsa Pass (Bulgarian: Златишки проход) (Turkish: Izladi Derbendi) near the town of Zlatitsa in the Balkan Mountains, Ottoman Empire (modern-day Bulgaria). The impatience of the king of Poland… Read More


What was the Battle of Kunovica (1444)?

Introduction The Battle of Kunovica or Battle at Kunovitsa was the battle between crusaders led by John Hunyadi and armies of the Ottoman Empire which took place on 02 or 05 January 1444 near mountain Kunovica (Suva Planina) between Pirot and Niš. The Battle The Christian contingent began their retreat on 24 December 1443, after… Read More