What was the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (1780-1784)?

Introduction The Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (Dutch: Vierde Engels-Nederlandse Oorlog; 1780-1784) was a conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Dutch Republic, and the last of the Anglo-Dutch Wars. The war, contemporary with the American War of Independence, broke out over British and Dutch disagreements on the legality and conduct of Dutch trade with… Read More


What was the Third Anglo-Dutch War (1672-1674)?

Introduction The Third Anglo-Dutch War, or Third Dutch War (Dutch: Derde Engelse Zeeoorlog), was a naval conflict between England, in alliance with France, and the Dutch Republic. It lasted from 07 April 1672 to 19 February 1674, and was a subsidiary of the wider 1672 to 1678 Franco-Dutch War, as well as being part of… Read More

What was the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665-1667)?

Introduction The Second Anglo-Dutch War or the Second Dutch War (04 March 1665 to 31 July 1667; Dutch: Tweede Engelse Oorlog “Second English War”) was a conflict between England and the Dutch Republic partly for control over the seas and trade routes, where England tried to end the Dutch domination of world trade during a… Read More

What were the Anglo-Dutch Wars (1652-1784)?

Introduction The Anglo–Dutch Wars (Dutch: Engels-Nederlandse Oorlogen) were a series of conflicts mainly fought between the Dutch Republic and England (later Great Britain). The first three occurred in the second half of the 17th century over trade and overseas colonies, while the fourth was fought a century later. Almost all the battles were naval engagements.… Read More

What was First Anglo-Dutch War (1652-1654)?

Introduction The First Anglo-Dutch War, or simply the First Dutch War, (Dutch: Eerste Engelse (zee-)oorlog, “First English (Sea) War”; 1652-1654) was a conflict fought entirely at sea between the navies of the Commonwealth of England and the United Provinces of the Netherlands. It was largely caused by disputes over trade, and English historians also emphasise… Read More