An Overview of the Philippine Revolution (1896-1898)

Introduction The Philippine Revolution was a conflict waged by the Filipino revolutionaries against the Spanish colonial authorities in an attempt to win the archipelago’s independence. The Philippine Revolution began on 24 August 1896, when the Spanish authorities discovered the Katipunan, an anticolonial secret organisation. The Katipunan, led by Andrés Bonifacio, began to influence much of… Read More


What was the Siege of Baler (1898-1899)?

Introduction The siege of Baler (Filipino: Pagkubkob sa Baler; Spanish: Sitio de Baler) was a battle of the Philippine Revolution (1896-1898). Filipino revolutionaries laid siege to a fortified church defended by Spanish troops in the town of Baler, Aurora, for 337 days, from 01 July 1898 until 02 June 1899. The war had ended with… Read More

What were the Volunteer Fighting Corps?

Introduction Volunteer Fighting Corps (国民義勇戦闘隊, Kokumin Giyū Sentōtai) were armed civil defence units planned in 1945 in the Empire of Japan as a last desperate measure to defend the Japanese home islands against the projected Allied invasion during Operation Downfall (Ketsugo Sakusen) in the final stages of World War II. They were the Japanese equivalent… Read More

An Overview of the US Army Sniper School

Introduction The US Army Sniper Course trains selected military members assigned to sniper positions in the skills necessary to deliver long-range precision fire and the collection of battlefield information. Students will receive training in fieldcraft skills, advanced camouflage techniques, concealed movement, target detection, range estimation, terrain utilisation, intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB), relevant reporting… Read More

An Overview of the US Army Armour School

Introduction The United States Army Armor School (formerly Armoured Force School) is a training school located at Fort Moore, Georgia. Its primary focus is the training of United States Army soldiers, non-commissioned officers (NCOs), warrant officers, and commissioned officers. It also trains for equipment handling, including the M1 Abrams, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and the… Read More

What was the Commando Order?

Introduction The Commando Order (German: Kommandobefehl) was issued by the OKW, the high command of the German armed forces, on 18 October 1942 (refer to World War II). This order stated that all Allied commandos captured in Europe and Africa should be summarily executed without trial, even if in proper uniforms or if they attempted… Read More

An Overview of the Defence and Security Media Advisory Committee

Introduction The Defence and Security Media Advisory (DSMA) Committee oversees a voluntary code which operates between the government departments which have responsibility for national security and the media. DSMA is an ad-hoc advisory group of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). 1912 Origins In 1912, the Admiralty and the War Office concluded that they needed some… Read More