Legal Duty, Homelessness & Veterans

“Since 1979, when a homeless veteran of the Korean war successfully sued the city for failing to provide him with shelter, the city has had a legal duty to house those unable to afford a home. (New York’s state constitution says that “the aid, care and support of the needy are public concerns and shall be provided by the state and… Read More


Zero Hours Employment

Expect to hear more about zero hours contracts. The government says almost a quarter of companies with more than 100 employees are using them, a rate that has doubled in the past nine years. The contracts, which tie staff to employers but offer no guarantees of work, are increasingly prevalent in the health sector, retail,… Read More

News: Update on Unpaid Parental Leave

EU rules extending the right to unpaid parental leave from 13 weeks to 18 weeks are now in force. Working parents who have been employed for a year or more are now entitled to take unpaid parental leave to care for their children. This is addition to to any maternity, paternity or adoption leave they… Read More