What is the Peace and Justice Studies Association?


The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) is a non-profit organisation headquartered at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

It was created following increased interest in peace-building after the September 11th attacks in United States and it organises annual conferences, publishes papers and a magazine, and issues awards for peace-builders.

Neville Chamberlain showing the Anglo-German Declaration (the resolution) to commit to peaceful methods signed by both Hitler and himself, on his return from Munich on 30 September 1938.


Following increased academic interest in conflict and conflict-resolution after the September 11th attack, the Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development and the Peace Studies Association merged to form the Peace and Justice Studies Association. It is the North American regional affiliate of the International Peace Research Association.

The association grew in size through the early 2000s, and since 2016, the executive director has been Michael Loadenthal.


The organisation organises the annual Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference, issues the Peacebuilder of the Year award, and publishes the Peace Chronicle magazine.

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