What is the Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association?


The Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association is the Regional Association of International Peace Research Association (IPRA). It is an international non-governmental organisation of peace researchers, peace educators and peace advocates.

Neville Chamberlain showing the Anglo-German Declaration (the resolution) to commit to peaceful methods signed by both Hitler and himself, on his return from Munich on 30 September 1938.

The Asian Peace Research Association was established on 05 December 1980, at the closing of the conference on Asian Peace Research in the Global Context held in Yokohama, Japan. The name was changed to the current name, Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association (APPRA), on 04 February 1992, during a regional conference organised by the association held at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Professor John P. Synott of Queensland University of Technology is currently the convener of APPRA.


The distinctive orientation of APPRA is towards building societies of peace and justice. Basic to this mission is a comprehensive understanding of peace which means not only the absence of war and conflict but above all the presence of essential conditions for the well-being of humanity.

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