Essential Workout Equipment for Small Spaces


According to IHRSA, a global health and fitness association, approximately 1 in 4 Americans went to a gym, exercise club or fitness studio in 2019, whilst approximately 10 million Britons had a gym membership in 2021. However, not everyone wants to, or can afford to, have a gym membership opting to save money and time by working out at home. For people who choose not to use a local gym – but also do not have enough room for a spacious home gym – they often look for workout equipment suited for smaller spaces, such as portable home gyms. If you live in a smaller home, or rent an apartment/flat with minimal square footage, there are plenty of good workout equipment options to choose from to maintain your health and fitness goals.

Below are some ideas for workout equipment for small spaces including squat racks, ellipticals, and more!

Equipment for Small Spaces

Under-Desk Elliptical

Ellipticals provide a workout that burn calories, puts less stress on your joints (i.e. a low impact exercise), and strengthens both your upper body and lower body simultaneously. A typical elliptical takes up a lot of space but with one that slides right under your desk, you can convert a previously used space into your home gym in no time. Choose from multiple under-desk ellipticals for a quick and easy way to workout.

Compact Elliptical

If under-desk elliptical are not for you, but you are looking for another option, compact ellipticals might be it. Compact ellipticals have a front drive rather than a rear drive and wheels to take up less space and make working out more mobile. There are many compact ellipticals on the market right now to help accomplish your weight loss or fitness goals while saving space in your home or apartment.

Yoga Ball Chair

Yoga ball chairs are a fun and effective way to get a cardiovascular workout or stretching routine in throughout the day. Yoga has been proven to strengthen your muscles and provide relaxing benefits along the way. There are a variety of yoga ball chairs to use as a seat for doing your professional work throughout the day. Using a yoga ball chair can help strengthen your core while finishing up your daily work report.

Folding Vertical Climber

The best way to save space for working out, is like anywhere else you are trying to save space – It is by going vertical with your workout equipment. A folding vertical climber is a good piece of workout equipment that will help to tone your arms, abs, and legs. The vertical climber is typically a 7-8 ft tall machine with foot pedals and handles that are height adjustable to pull yourself up on the machine with varying resistance. With many vertical climbers, the folding feature makes it able to be stored away easily to maximise space.

Doorway Multi-Gym

Doorway multi-gym’s are a good solution for exercising in a small and limited space. All you need is a doorway to hang the bar for pull ups, or put it on the ground for push-ups, sit-ups, or dips. These are effective exercises to gain muscle fast, and here are some tips on how to bulk up quickly.

Folding Exercise Bike

Riding a bike can be another great way to get exercise and maintain your health goals. However, with limited space or bad weather, that can not always be an option. That is why a folding exercise bike is a great solution. You get the same workout benefits while taking up less space in your home.

Squat Rack

Having workout equipment for cardiovascular exercise is important, but so is equipment for strength/resistance training – and it is important to and learn and understand the difference between calisthenics and weight lifting exercises to decide which mix is best for you. If you are looking for weightlifting equipment, squat racks are a good option. Typically, when you think of a squat rack, you may envision a large and bulky piece of equipment. A simple squat rack (not to be confused with a larger power rack) – while still heavy – does not take up too much space and is comparable to a treadmill or elliptical space-wise. You could easily use a squat rack for a variety of exercises in as little as an 8×8 space. You can squat, bench, and do other strength training exercises using the squat rack. When researching which squat rack to buy make sure you are choosing from squat racks with space saving features. Another thing to consider when choosing from one of the best squat racks, is to also purchase weightlifting protective equipment to support your body while you are working out.

Under-Desk Treadmill

An effective way to lose weight or maintain your health goals is to go for a walk or run. With bad weather or limited space in your home or apartment, a treadmill can be a great option for getting a good workout in your home. Under-desk treadmills were brought to the market as an option for working out in small spaces. This way you can get your work done while getting an effective workout in at the same time.

Foldable/Compact Bench Press

Another simple, yet effective workout you can do at home in a smaller space is using a foldable or compact bench press. If you have a bench and some free weights, there are countless exercises that you can perform to tone your arms, back, shoulders, core, and even legs. A foldable option makes working out at home with limited space much easier, and here are some of the exercises you can do using a foldable bench press.

Door-Mounted Punching Bag

Boxing is a great workout for both cardio and strength-training. It can also be a great way to release stress in a healthy way. When you live in a small space, a good boxing workout may seem unattainable. Door-mounted punching bags allow you to get a quick workout in while only taking up a small doorway in your home and not create a lot of noise in your home.

Portable Equipment

Resistance Band Set

Portable workout equipment are a good option for working out in smaller spaces as well, with resistance bands being a good example. Each band is designated with a different resistance level, making each workout completely customisable for your needs. There are different workouts you can do with resistance bands including ones for your arms, legs, core, and more.

Ankle and Wrist Weights

Ankle and wrist weights can be a good addition to any cardiovascular or strength training exercise. If you are a fan of yoga or Pilates, for example, they can be especially helpful to add to a low-impact workout to make it a little more challenging.

Ab Roller Wheel

If you are looking for a piece of workout equipment that will give you a good core workout, ab roller wheels are a reliable, and tried-and-tested option. The ab roller allows you to train your entire core – including your abs, glutes, and lower back muscles – all at once. They are completely portable, so you can use them in any room of your home.

Portable Home Gym

A portable home gym is exactly as it sounds. It is an exercise solution that allows the user to perform a variety of exercises but can easily be packed up and transported anywhere.

Portable home gyms are a good option because you can customise an entire workout plan at home while using minimal space. Portable gyms allow you to complete a variety of exercises, with different levels of resistance. Usually they include bars, handles, strap attachments, suspension, or door bars.


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