Why Tech Development is Key for a Modern Military


Technological development is one thing that always keeps the military moving forward. We no longer fight with swords and spears, and for good reason. For the military and the world to keep moving forward, and for the world’s militaries to be the best they can be in the modern era, tech development needs to continue to progress.

Modern Warfare

One major reason why tech development is so vital is that much of warfare is very different from what we have seen in the past. Historical battles might have been an army laying siege to a city, or two armies facing each other across a field and then engaging in a charge. Though sieges are still part of modern warfare, they certainly take a very different form compared to what we have seen in bygone eras.

Modern war needs modern solutions, and tech development is an integral part of that. With the development of tech, the armed forces are able to tackle new foes and issues as they arise, plus manage existing dangers far more effectively. Progress is often measured by technical development, and this can be seen in what a modern military is able to do.

Military Organisation

The actions of armed forces are not enough – a modern military also has to be able to display good infrastructure and organisation between its ranks. This is often done with the implementation of tech and other solutions.

Companies such as Elbit Systems UK are instrumental in the development of such technology. By providing systems and tools for the military to make use of, they are able to then focus on streamlining operations. With this comes a more effective military overall, able to undertake the tasks needed of them more readily and deliver results efficiently.

Civilian Support

This tech development does not only affect the military personnel who makes use of it, but also the civilians that they are protecting. Firstly, the right military technology can work as a deterrent and therefore helps an army to keep their citizens safe without them even being aware of it.

However, there is also the trickledown effect to consider, where something is developed initially for the military but then slowly makes its way to civilian usage. A classic example would be GPS (who doesn’t have sat nav in their car!), but there are many other items we make regular use of in our everyday without even realising that they would have started life as military tools.


Tech development is a key part of any modern military, and will continue to drive it forward as the years progress. Even back in the days of spears and siege engines, it was technological development that drove successful armies forward – though things might have looked very different compared to what we see now! In the world of tech development, the smallest of changes can have a big impact. One of the major avenues we can see where this really has an effect will always be in the armed forces, no matter what that change might be.


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