Royal Navy Selects First Female Admiral

“For the first time in the centuries-long history of the Royal Navy, a woman officer will be appointed to the rank of admiral.” (Royal Navy, 2021).

Official Photograph of Cdre Jude Terry OBE (Promoted 08 March 21) & (Radm Desig Aug)

Commodore Jude Terry, who has served her nation and Navy for nearly a quarter of a century, has been selected for promotion to rear admiral – making her the most senior woman in the Royal Navy, past or present.

She will be responsible for sailors and Royal Marines from the moment they are recruited to their final day in Service – spanning their entire careers by overseeing training, welfare and career management.

The 47-year-old from Jersey will be promoted to rear admiral next year (2022) and take over as the Royal Navy’s Director of People and Training and Naval Secretary.

Rear Admiral Terry subsequently took the helm on 17 January 2022 after a ceremony on board HMS Victory in Portsmouth.


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