Career Management is Just a Click Away

An online tool is set to help personnel take better charge of their working lives.

The career management portal allows users to browse roles and opportunities across the whole British Army, including those outside their current rank and cap badge, much like a civilian job search. Accessible via personal devices, the software will enable troops to highlight preferred postings from the comfort of their room or quarter, meaning families can be involved too.

Having been used by staff at the Army Personnel Centre for the last year, it is now being rolled out to individual users over the next 12 months – the chain of command will tell soldiers when and how to log on.

The portal is part of Programme Castle – the Service’s initiative to maximise talent – and the team’s junior NCO, Bombardier Adam Duncan (Royal Horse Artillery, RHA), described it as “a big step forward”. He said: “People can search for jobs online and send them to their line managers with annotations about why they suit the role. “It also lets you highlight posts for future consideration, even ones that are several ranks above you, so your superiors can see exactly what you’re gunning for. “And you can view all the job specifications, so that you can work out which courses you need to do to achieve it. “At the same time, career managers will have more information to provide timely advice, resulting in much better outcomes for both the individual and the organisation.”

Sergeants from the Army Air Corps were the first cohort to use the tool, with their counterparts from the Royal Armoured Corps and Royal Signals due to get access from June 2021.


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