Holsters And More: Equipment All Gun Owners Should Consider

After purchasing a firearm or getting issued with one (if you are a member of the military), your next step should be to choose which accessories you need to have.

Whatever type of weapon you have, you must use accessories that are specifically designed for it – specialised rifle accessories for a rifle, for example.

Note that the search for accessories can be vast, however, it is essential to focus on equipment that will serve you best. For military personnel, the items to use as accessories should help them to manoeuvre comfortably during training or on operations. With this in mind, below are some suggestions that all gun owners should consider.


A good holster, like OWB holsters, is the first thing that private gun owners or military personnel need to find. It is especially true for those who carry a pistol all the time. The choices available range from holsters made from simple materials, like nylon and Kydex, to more sophisticated ones, like those using exotic leathers.  

Note that fit is the most significant feature of a holster. It should sit safely and firmly on the body while protecting the trigger. Selection can be challenging because of the diversity of this product in the market. With that said, try the holster before purchasing it, if possible.

Gun-Cleaning Kit

No matter what gun you own, whether it is an M4 carbine or a Springfield XD, this equipment is a must-have. After each use, a firearm must get cleaned properly to keep it in tip-top condition for years to come. 

Private gun owners and military personnel can keep their firearms clean using a gun-cleaning kit. It results in a weapon that functions flawlessly, and without unnecessary stoppages, anytime you want to shoot. 

Some universal cleaning products are good to have on hand. However, the specific calibre of the firearm you use might require a specific cleaning kit meant for that type of weapon, so it is best to talk to the manufacturer/retailer and ask for recommendations.

Gun cleaning kits are available in two varieties.

  • For soldiers who require quick field cleaning, the ideal option is the portable one.
  • The second kind of kit for gun cleaning is the more robust one that private firearm owners can use at home to deep-clean their guns. 

If you use your firearm regularly, all kinds of gun cleaning kits will prove handy and should be included in the firearm accessories and equipment collection you have. Having them means your weapon can last for a long time, yet stay accurate like it is brand new.

Eye And Ear Protective Equipment

Hearing problems or damage may result from shooting a weapon without ear protection. Research demonstrates the importance of wearing appropriate ear defence, and the various types of ear defence (earplugs, small-volume earmuff, and large-volume earmuffs) based on the weapon platform used.

Did you know that a typical clap of thunder produces noise levels between 100 and 120 dBA – the equivalent of standing near a jet during take-off. Firing a weapon ranges from 132 dB (miniature rifle) to 183 dB (howitzer). Imagine how damaging it can be when you are not wearing ear protection. Military personnel who regularly fire weapons are especially at risk.

The same goes for protective equipment for your eyes. Shooting glasses or tactical military sunglasses are essential items that should be part of your kit. This is because shrapnel/debris from ejected shells can be a real threat to your vision.

Military personnel can buy or be issued with eyewear and hearing protection separately or in an all-in-one kit to ensure safety during gun usage.

Storage Equipment

Storage is another piece of equipment worth considering. It is especially true among private gun owners and those military personnel who can take their firearms home (in the US for example), who should also think about where their guns should be kept. Storage that is secure and accessible is imperative. It is a mistake to leave a weapon lying around your house, where children or intruders can quickly get a hold of the weapon and cause harm. 

Storage items to consider include:

  • Ammunition can:
    • Having sturdy storage for your ammo is ideal.
    • It is a must-have for private gun owners who regularly visit the range.
    • Military personnel who need to transport ammunition from one location to another or going home can also benefit from one.
    • Of course, ammunition should also have protection against elements, and ammunition cans are perfect for this. 
  • Travel case:
    • It ensures protection for your weapon when transporting it from the barracks or the shooting range to your home, and vice versa.
    • In some US states, having one means complying with firearm transportation laws. 
  • Muzzle lock:
    • When you are not using your firearm, a muzzle lock will help you keep it inoperable.
    • It brings an added layer of protection to you and the people around you.


The abovementioned pieces of equipment are the basic ones both private gun owners and military personnel need in order to keep their weapons in their best condition, as well as to ensure safety at all times. A weapon also requires some TLC (tender loving care) to ensure its peak performance.

The firearm accessories and equipment on this list will help your weapon stay in prime condition. These may require you to spend some extra cash, but it will be worth it.


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