What is the UK Maritime Component Command?

What Is It?

The UK Maritime Component Command (UKMCC) is the Royal Navy’s (RN’s) operational headquarters (HQ) east of the Suez.


The UKMMC is led by a Commodore (OF-6).

It oversees the RN’s Naval Support Facility (NSF) in Bahrain, which opened in 2018, and has a mix of personnel.

Personnel work at/or as:

  • The UKMCC HQ (about half a mile from the NSF).
  • The NSF itself.
  • Mine Countermeasures Battle Staff (who look after the RN minesweepers).
  • Forward Support Unit (engineers who provide maintenance support and assistance).
  • Soldiers for force protection.
  • RAF personnel who live on the base but operate the small, but crucial, air hub for moving personnel in and out of Bahrain as well as crucial supplies for the fleet.
  • The US base (over a bridge) where they serve at international naval HQs directing the Combined Maritime Forces and Operation Sentinel.

The NSF supports a range of vessel including RN mine sweepers, frigates, RFA vessels, and foreign naval vessels.

“With personnel on duty both in the ships, on the base, and in the UK/US headquarters the actual number
of personnel – military and civilian – supporting the RN’s peacekeeping and security operation in the region is well over 403, closer to 600.”
(Navy News, 2021, p.24).


Navy News. (2021) Quay Personnel. Navy News. March 2021, pp.24.


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