Want to be a Special Observer?

The British Army’s long-range reconnaissance experts are looking to boost their ranks with a fresh intake of determined recruits.

Personnel serving with 4/73 Special Observation Post Battery, 5th Regiment, Royal Artillery operate unsupported and in small teams deep in the battlespace, where they set up hidden positions to gather information on enemy activities.

The next ten-week selection course will start in September, with a build-up package due to take place in July.

Corporals and below, from any cap badge or Service, can apply.

Those who qualify for the demanding role will become part of an elite team – only around 300 personnel have earned the right to wear the unit’s green triangle tactical recognition flash since it was established in 1982.

For more information contact 01748 875639 or email the unit via 5ra-473bty-recruiting@mod.gov.uk.


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