How Coffee can Help You with your Military Training

To understand how coffee can help you perform at your peak during your Bootcamp training, you need to understand the benefits it has for your body and how often you need to drink it to see those benefits work. These pros are not limited to caffeinated coffee but also extend to decaf coffee and green coffee.

Mental Health

The effects of caffeine on mental health has a wide range and affects everyone differently. In the military, it is a requirement to be mentally alert, and caffeine can give a recruit or trained soldier the boost they need to focus and apply their memory to their training. Studies have also shown that military training and extended periods away from family under extreme conditions can lead to depression. Caffeine stimulates your body’s mood receptors by signalling portions of your nervous system, so there is a minor dopamine release. This effect is a positive attribute for military exercises that involve teamwork on obstacle courses, for example. It has also been demonstrated to slow down the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Physical Health

Military training is hard when your body is not prepared or able to accomplish the training goals. Peak cognitive performance is required to complete the training, and because military training involves teamwork, each trainee needs to be physically prepared and robust. Coffee can help to boost metabolism, which assists with breaking down unwanted fats in the body. Military training requires a balanced diet. Coffee can help to increase weight loss, and with the various Vitamin B complexes, it will help to regenerate cells and improve muscle restoration.

Coffee can also help to fight off the premature signs of diseases like type 2 diabetes and liver disease. For military trainees, this is especially significant because of the amount of strain the body endures over time with this exercise regime. It takes roughly an hour for coffee to reach its ability to improve your physical functions, so for field training, it will be great to carry around coffee to boost the body. Different companies offer various convenient coffees to carry and prepare in the field quickly. All you need to do is carry around enough water in your flask to make an instant body booster that can keep you going for up to 3 hours at a time.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Black coffee is a well-known drink within the military regime and can be as dependable as a vitamin shot because of its vitamins and nutrients. The nutritional value can be affected by adding milk and sugar, so it important to note the effect adding these might have. Up to 5 cups of coffee a day can give you both the macronutrients that you need and add to the daily water you need to take in for your body to remain hydrated.

The antioxidants in coffee help with liver function and to flush out toxins which can hinder the body and slow down the healing process when trainees get injured.

Harvard medical school has shown that although there might only be 7mg of Magnesium in one cup of coffee, many people who do not invest in magnesium supplements could still benefit from this because it is a supplement not commonly consumed. Trainees do not list vitamin supplements as a daily requirement before they go out to train. Many of the vitamins and minerals the body needs can be burned up during vigorous exercise. Adding as many as five cups of coffee to a training session can add vitamins that are not otherwise consumed. You can also check here for the benefits of drinking decaf coffee.


The physical and mental activity that military training requires can be strenuous on ill-prepared individuals. This is why it is important to note all the positive elements contributing to making Boot Camp military training a success. Following the strict dietary requirements and sleep recommendations once training commences is how the body and mind remain balanced and able to function. There is also an emotional aspect to consider. Importance of feeding your body the right amount of nutrients can significantly impact an individual’s results while training or on operations. The discipline in sticking to this can also create a positive impact in each willing participant’s life. It will always be a repetitive reminder of how taking care of your body and mind can lead to longevity through a healthy diet and exercise.

It is important to note that although caffeine has its perks, it can pose problems also. Look here to find out how much is too much and if you need to curb your consumption.


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