What is the TFLRT Operator (2400kg) Course?

Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to train personnel to be competent and qualified MHE Forklift Rough Terrain Operators on the JCB 524-50 (Light) platform to include loading and unloading ISO Containers on hard standing and Off- Road.

Refer to TFLRT Operator (4000kg) course.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Any rank or grade.
  • Students must have an authorised LGV category C driver licence.
  • Students must have completed Defence General Service Driver (DGSD) Module 1 conversion training or equivalent qualification.


Seven (7) working days, with twenty five (25) courses per year.


Defence School of Transport Leconfield.

Outline of Course

Students will be taught to drive and operate a JCB 524-50 Rough Terrain Forklift Truck. The following will also be taught:

  • Identifying vehicle components.
  • Manoeuvring in a controlled environment.
  • Preparation of the vehicle for transportation.
  • The stacking and de-stacking of loads in a controlled environment.
  • Driver/operator maintenance responsibilities.

Qualifications Gained

Vehicle MHE Forklift Rough Terrain Op (JCB 524-50) Competency.


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