What is the Specialist Driver Class 1 Course?

Aim of the Course

To provide personnel the knowledge in how to supervise and conduct the duties of a convoy commander using vehicle, trailers and other equipment under field conditions. Students will learn how to understand the components and systems of wheeled vehicles using general mechanical principles and supervise equipment maintenance standards in accordance with the appropriate and relevant publications.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Minimum rank of Lance Corporal.
  • Civil Servants employed as Instructional Staff are entitled to attend.
  • Must hold an authorised driving licence with a full category C+E entitlement or national equivalent.
  • Must have completed Defence General Service Driver Conversion Module 1 or national equivalent.
  • Must have carried out vehicle conversion on a MAN SV 6, 9 or 15 Tonne variant.
  • Must be Land Rover TUL/ TUM (HS) trained.
  • Must have been a qualified Driver for at least 12 months.


Fifteen (15) working days, with fourteen (14) courses per year.


Defence School of Transport Leconfield.

Outline of Course

This is a specialist trade course allowing students to learn how to maintain vehicles and equipment and carry out operating and administrative procedures. Students will be expected to plan and deploy a Section into an Operational environment utilising the bespoke training area at the Defence School of Transport.

Students will enhance their base line military transport training and conduct the following:

  • Theory based training covering operating procedures and policy.
  • Route reconnaissance covering a 120 mile local area.
  • Will be refreshed in their map reading skills.
  • Supervise loading and lashing of military vehicles for safety utilising MHE (Material Handling Equipment (forklift)).
  • Command and control vehicle.
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Inspection.
  • Prepare a H&S briefing on Military Transport (MT) Management.
  • Inspection of a wheeled vehicle for road worthiness and fault reporting.

Personal Protection Equipment will be provided for the duration of the course.

Qualifications Gained

Specialist Driver Class 1 Competency.


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