What is the Defence Staff Car Driver Course?

Aim of the Course

To train military and civilian drivers to be able to professionally drive VIPs and their families/guests in the provision of the highest security and safeguarding procedures.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

You can find out more about Staff Care Drivers here.

Entry Standards

  • Private to Sergeant (or civilian equivalent).
  • IELTS Level 6.
  • Minimum 12 months driving experience.
  • Full Cat B driving licence or national equivalent.


Eight (8) working days, with five (5) courses per year.


Defence School of Transport Leconfield.

Outline of Course

Over a 2 week period students will be expected to plan a secure route and drive a vehicle taking all the necessary precautions to safeguard the occupants and themselves. They will learn how to take the necessary evasive action when confronted with an ambush or incident using the purpose built training area enabling students to travel off road and immerse themselves into a realistic environment.

A combination of classroom and use of the military training environment, students will also be expected to learn about vehicle maintenance and general safety. They will also be taught to in how to use the principles of skid control and prevention within a controlled environment.

Students are to demonstrate effective personal behaviours and have a good understanding in how to engage with high profile personnel.

This is a high mileage course and students experience various driving scenarios during the day time and night time.

Qualifications Gained

Defence Staff Car Driver Competency.

On completion of the course students are entitled to enrol with the Institute of Advanced Motorist.


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